Kferts Lab

K-FERTS LAB established in 1976. Manufactures about 6 Biofertilizer Products based on beneficial bacteria and fungi and 3 Products based on Micronutrients formulations. 

A company aided by Government of India for strengthening the production capacity of Biofertilizers up to 150 M. T. Presently company can produce 300 M. T. annually. We specialize in the production of Liquid Microbial biofertilizers and can supply up to 1 lac liters annually. The company is registered with Directorate of Industries Government of Maharashtra, India. 

It is registered with Maharashtra small Scale industries Development Corporation ltd. (A Govt. of Maharashtra Undertaking.) and registered with Maharashtra Agro Industries Development Corporation (A Govt. of Maharashtra undertaking.) for marketing assistance.

It is listed in govt. approved supplier list with Commisionarate Of Agriculture, Pune, Govt. of Maharashtra and supplying the quality products to its district level departments since last15 years. The company also participate in the National level exhibition like KISAN series of exhibitions held at PUNE and BANGLORE and possess the participation AWARDS. The company also possess the AWARDs given for its active presence in various conferences regarding Research and Development of Biofertilizers. The company is licensed for manufacture of Biofertilizers and Micronutrients formulations and recently started production of Biopesticides. Field application scheme of Biofertilizers and Micro fertilizers is implemented by the firm and up till now about 12000 acre works under the scheme is completed on Sugarcane crop. Technology to grow ORGANIC BANANA, ORGANIC TURMERIC, and ORGANIC WATER MELON is developed by company.


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